Aluma Vent Standard Window Awning 65" wide for 48" windows - 29" projection

Brand: Americana Building

Product Code: AME-AWN-60W/29P

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Price: $490.78

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Americana Matte Finish Colors:

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Aluma Vent Window Awning 65" wide for 48" wide window


  • All Aluminum construction for a lasting finish
  • 12 Enamel colors available
  • Reduce heat gain in your home
  • Low maintenance
  • Assembly required
  • Hardware to attache to home not included
  • Tools needed: Drill w/ 1/4" socket, phillips screw driver, pliers or 5/16" socket
  • Other sizes available (call for price)


Aluma Vent awnings are contemporary in design with the vertical lines of today's homes. With Aluma Vent awnings a home looks larger and more luxurious than a similar home without these highly attractive awnings. One look tells the story - its quality is obvious.

Outstanding Protection

The Aluma Vent awning is light, yet shuts out heat and keeps homes cooler. It also wards off rain. Because windows stay dry longer, window cleaning is less frequent. Usually you can even leave windows open during a spring rain to enjoy the fresh air!

Longer Life

Awnings can never rust or decay; they are made entirely of aluminum. And you never need worry about the paint; it's baked-on enamel. Over the years, these awnings retain their original attractiveness and are appreciably less expensive than shorter-life "economy" types.

Energy Savings

Remember how hot your car gets when it's tightly closed in the hot summer sun? That's what happens under ordinary awnings. Trapped heat can't go anywhere—except into your house through the window. Not so with Aluma Vent ventilated awnings. Heat can't collect under them. Temperatures next to windows stay lower, just as your hot car cools when windows are opened and ventilation is possible. That's why Aluma Vent awnings help keep your home cool.

Air conditioners also benefit from ventilated awnings. No heat accumulates under these awnings. No heat seeps into the home. Since room temperatures stay lower, air conditioners needn't work as hard, and you save money.


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