2" Modular Screen Room 12' x 20' with a 13' x 22' Insulated Roof

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 Your Screen room is made with all extruded aluminum parts for trouble free use for many decades to come. Pre assembled and individually boxed, each section is numbered, for exact placement at the job site. Snap the section in place on the bottom track add the top track and the wall is done.

 Each room is custom designed to accommodate your homes needs. We will need precise measurements. We will need to know the side wall measurements front to rear to determine the walls slope. We need to know where you want the door(s) and if the door is do be left or right hinged when viewed from the outside. We will then do a set of drawings and send them to you for your approval. Once approved the room is assembled per the drawings. You will complete the final assembly on site.

 Our 3" insulated panel patio roof completes your screen room. The numerous advantages of our 3" snap-lock insulated covers makes them a superior for your screen room. An electrical chase tube can be molded in one roof panel to accommodate lighting or ceiling fan. This roof is perfect for low head room situations or for use in snow load areas. A front gutter (standard) or drip edge fascia is available. The fascia and front gutter (standard) or drip edge fascia is available in 5 colors, the roof panels are available in white or ivory.

Other roof benefits include, no heat gets transferred through the cover, roof condensation is eliminated,very low maintenance, and the roof is strong enough for you to walk on in needed. Designed for quick and easy installation. Low roof pitches are possible down to 1/4" per foot of projection. Flexibility in design and adaptation to your sites need.Overall, our insulated snap-lock patio roofs are most often the best choice and the more economical in the long run.

Screen Wall components Include: 2"  Non Thermal Modular Wall System. 2 - 12' side wall 9' high, 1 wall has 3068 screen door, 1 - 20' front wall 8' high, screws, caulk and all required hardware.

Patio cover kit includes: Extruded aluminum receiving channel, side fascias and front gutter with 1 down spout kit, 3" insulated aluminum roof panels, one roof panel has aluminum fan beam in panel, screws, bolts, sealants.


When ordering doors, please specify finish and hinged LEFT or hinged RIGHT. Available in out-swing only. (as viewed from outside).

Drawings and general installation instructions are provided.

*Screen walls should have at least a 1' roof overhang on all sides, to prevent to much rain from getting in the room and to protect the screen walls. Do not walk on the overhanging roof area. 18" makes the best looking overhang.

(Spans are measured from the attaching point out to the support post or support beam.) 

Orders normally take 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered to your home or business.  Technical help is available M-F, 10AM-5PM CST 1-888-814-7531 


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